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About Sleep Expert Serena Cole

In 1995, Serena worked for the British government helping English companies get set up in America. She traveled for several months at a time in Europe. Her husband joined her on one trip and they ended up in Copenhagen where they booked a hotel room and went upstairs for a short nap. As she explains in a recent interview with HousesGardensPeople, “We slept for 18 hours straight,” remembers Cole. “It was the best night’s sleep we’d ever had. It wasn’t jet lag, we’d been in Europe already for two weeks.” Michael, who’d suffered from sleep disorders for years, was even scheduled to go to a special clinic when he returned to the States. The hotel’s staff explained that the mattress which had put them into such a deep sleep was a Duxiana. Soon, the Coles were loaded up on a hydroplane to Sweden to tour the Dux factory. They bought a queen mattress, and one thing led to another, with a Dux rep suggesting they open a store in Dallas where the couple was living. Cole still owns her original Dux bed, and the original Berkshire Lane store in Preston Center is still thriving. “I tell people who a Dux bed lasts about 20 to 25 years,” says Cole. “But I have a client in east Texas whose bed is 75 years old.” More on our interview with Serena Cole.

Can a bed really make a difference in how well a person sleeps?

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, there’s no question — your mattress matters
The right stuff, they say, is firm enough to offer support to your back, neck, and legs, while still offering some cushion and recoil for comfort.
The three most important things to look for in a mattress are comfort, support, and space.
You want a mattress that is firm enough to distribute your weight or you’ll wake up sore due to your shoulders sagging or your hips sinking. On the other hand, you don’t want to sleep on a board. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, agrees that some amount of firmness is usually the best choice.

Duxiana's Preston Center Store


What makes a Dux bed special?

The DUX Bed is the key element in creating the ideal sleep environment as it supports every point on your body in a natural position. DUX has a commitment to improve life through better sleep. Our scientists research and test every aspect of the DUX bed to the highest scientific standards. DUX has set industry research standards for over 80 years. DUX beds are personalized to fit and help you find and keep the correct sleep posture.
The DUX bed provides you with the greatest sleep experience. Not only have we crafted it out of the finest materials, but also we have added revolutionary features personalized to fit your body — from our Pascal Personal Comfort Zone system, to our exclusive independently Adjustable Lumbar Support to a fully adjustable DUX Axion bed.  Each DUX bed is hand-crafted from the finest materials, from the strongest Swedish steel and pine to the softest cotton.

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

What makes a Dux bed so amazing that it not only cured the Cole’s insomnia, but it can last for almost a century? Much of it can be attributed to the 1.25 miles of Swedish steel used to create the continuous spring system, says Cole, which distributes body weight evenly and eliminates pressure points. “It’s like the man who walks on a bed of nails,” she adds. “He can do it because his weight is evenly distributed.”
All their mattresses are topped with a removable pad made from natural latex from rubber trees. Replace the topper every 5 years, says Cole, and the mattress can last almost indefinitely. Dux mattresses are self-framed with strong pine grown in the northern region of Sweden, and are made to fit into your existing bed frame and attach to any headboard. Dux beds are used in hotels all over the world, including the 137-year-old Grand Hotel in Stockholm, by appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden.


About Dux Beds

Duxiana is a Swedish manufacturer has been in business since 1926. Duxiana, often referred to simply as Dux, hand-manufactures bed sets which are some of the most expensive models available in the United States. Dux uses premium materials and very intricate design options to create a truly customizable sleep experience. Some over-complicated from other manufacturers are reduced to their simplest form with Dux beds. As an example, you can control firmness in the Dux 8888 model simply by moving foam sections directly below the cover. Also, the upper layer itself is independently replaceable as needed. Another feature is the adjustable lumbar support, which is simply operated by a hand crank, reducing the number of components which could become damaged or broken.

DUX Research:

Strength Tests

  • Rigorous strength tests ensure the performance of the DUX bed over time.
  • Compression Tests
  • A compression simulator tests different areas of the DUX bed for pressure against the body, and then compares those tests to tests on other beds. So far, there’s no contest. The pressure against the body in a DUX bed is not only lower, but more evenly distributed
  • Sleep Quality Tests
  • Scientists tested how deeply you can sleep on a DUX bed by using an EEG to record the electrical activity in the cerebral cortex. DUX scored consistently higher for providing deeper sleep! Those sleeping in a DUX bed reached the Deep Sleep stage faster and remained in Deep Sleep longer, approximately an extra hour each night.

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