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About Web4Retail

Denise Keniston Takes Risks

Denise Keniston is an entrepreneur and former tv news anchor. Right out college she landed her first on-air tv news job and that kicked off a long and rewarding career in journalism. It wasn’t long before she moved through the ranks and ended up reporting on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and winning several journalism awards. After 15 years of on-air work she took a major risk by quitting her tv news anchor job and founding her first marketing agency and production company, ‘Keniston & Company’, recognized as one of the top 100 independent media buying agencies in the country. In just 3 years she took Keniston and Company from a startup to a 7M business. Along the way, she taught herself how to trade stocks and futures and has consistently booked annual gains.

Denise now runs Web4Retail, a marketing agency, and hosts the #AskDenise Show, a conversation about social media, business, entrepreneurship, fashion where Denise shares answers from her own experiences and expertise in running successful businesses.

Denise is also a public speaker, delivering speeches to corporations and at conventions across the country, which you can watch here on her YouTube channel.

Early Life

Denise Keniston was born in rural Maine. Because of her father’s alcoholism, her parents divorced when she was very young. Denise’s mother, by then a single parent, set out with Denise and her older brother in tow to start a new life. They moved from state to state and town to town never putting down roots. It was through those years Denise learned self-reliance and independence; both necessary traits for a successful entrepreneur.

As a young child Denise gravitated to sports in school where she exceled. She went on to be an all-state basketball player, an MVP many times over, and was recruited to play college basketball and college field hockey. As it turned out, Denise never had the chance to accept those scholarships.

In high school, Denise started partying with friends and with her family background of wide spread alcoholism, it wasn’t long before she ran into trouble with alcohol as well. Eventually, Denise walked into her first AA meeting. She has now been sober for 30 years.

TV News Anchor and Investigative Reporter

Fresh out of college, Denise landed her first on-air tv reporting job in a small market in Washington State. She purchased a car for $500 and started the 3,000 mile cross-country trek from Maine to the West Coast. ¾ of the way through her journey, the car died in Wyoming and she hitched a ride with a trucker to make it to her first day of work at the studios of KREM TV.

Denise was a natural investigative reporter. In her first year as a cub reporter she broke 3 national stories and appeared on the Ted Koppel Show as well as the ABC morning show. She ended up working on-air in Seattle, Washington D.C. and Columbus where she won several journalism awards along the way.

Over the years she rose through the ranks to the anchor desk. Her ratings were consistently high and Denise became well-known for her relaxed and relatable on-air style. After 15 years as an on-air talent Denise followed her entrepreneurial spirit and founded her first company, ‘Keniston and Company’.

Keniston and Company

Keniston and Company was a full-service advertising agency and production company. During this time, Denise was able to expand professionally and creatively. She produced and syndicated the tv show ‘Treasure Hunt’ and published the magazine ‘Vintage Life’. HGTV approached her offering to purchase the trademark to ‘Treasure Hunt’, an offer she turned down. At the same time, ‘Keniston and Company’ quickly distinguished itself as one of the top 100 independent media buying agencies in the country. K&C was the agency of record for Adelphia Cable and as such, handled all of the media buying for the entire East Coast. When Comcast Cable and Time Warner Cable formed a partnership to purchase Adelphia Cable for 15B, Keniston & Company was there managing millions of dollars in ad spending per month. At the time, it was the biggest corporate purchase in history.

Model and Magazine Publisher

Denise Keniston has modeled for magazines, on runways, and on television. These early experiences in front of the camera are where she received her initial on-the-job training. At the same time, she was asked to work as a spokesperson which took her to Europe and across the United States as a corporate representative and advocate. Exposure to the world of photography and fashion inspired Denise to publish ‘Vintage Life” a small magazine focusing on all things vintage.


In 2007, Denise sold Keniston & Company and shortly after formed Web4Retail. By 2009, she regained control of Keniston & Company and today both agencies work in tandem under her stewardship. She has built Web4Retail to a 1.5M business with a growth rate of 23% annually. If you want to contact Denise you can do it easily by filling out this form or finding her on social media under the handle of @DeniseKeniston. See you there!

Who We Are

We’re an internet marketing agency that works primarily within the furniture, bedding, appliance, and interior design industries. Our goal is simple: to develop and maintain effective online marketing platforms for our clients, and provide them with superior service while doing so.

Areas Where We Excel

We believe that to make substantial gains, a business, no matter how large or small, must seize the opportunities of internet marketing. We’ve proven this through our own success, and we guarantee that our clients will experience the same prosperity.

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Core Team Members

Denise K.

President & CEO

Denise Keniston is a serial entrepreneur, investor, publisher, producer, public speaker and former network news anchor. Denise now runs Web4Retail, a digital advertising agency, located in Boston, Mass.

Tommy P.

Director of Web Properties

Tommy P. is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s a skilled graphic artist, video editor, designer, social media expert and everything in between. Tommy lives in Massachusetts with his family and three dogs.

Adrian A.

Social Media Manager

Adrian graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Social Media is his forte, but Adrian always contributes 110% due to his desire to learn more. His motto is “work smarter not harder”.

Michael T.

Team Manager

Michael is a content marketing professional and team manager at Web4Retail, an agency that helps companies develop innovative ways of attracting and closing customers. Michael has a degree in Communications.

Riann K. H.

Community Manager

Riann is a biology student at Rutgers University in New Jersey while working as the social media community manager for Web4Retail and DK Media. Riann brings fresh perspectives to the team’s social media marketing efforts.

James V.


James is an illustrator, designer, and an artist. He is a talented young professional with significant depth to both his creative talent and technical skillset. A real team player and is always counted on for his passion.

Mornie B.


Mornie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. With 5 years of experience under his belt, he takes pride in providing web experiences that are both intuitive and engaging. To sum it up, Mornie has skills!


American Gutter Company

Mark, Carol, and Jose

American Gutter Company is a family business that started from nothing and has grown into one of the largest home gutter cleaning and installations companies in the Northeast. I love working with family businesses. Their commitment to their companies is inspiring and they epitomize the best of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Denise Keniston

President & CEO

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